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We Are Baked is proud to offer stoners with all the weed related information, entertainment, and tutorials they will ever need. Weed is often simply explained as a drug but it is so much more than that. WeAreBaked has sections of the site that are completed dedicated to the stoners themselves and what they enjoy doing most, smoking weed.


With knowledge of marijuana becoming more and more widespread it has become hard for the governmental to continue to view marijuana use as a criminal activity. Sixteen states have decriminalized weed and more and more states are likely to do so in the near future. Trusted doctors have reported that besides its recreational use, weed use has been found to be beneficial in the curing of several medical conditions. So far twenty states and Washington D.C have recognized the medical benefits of weed and have begun to administer marijuana as a form of medication. Aside from medicine, many states have initiated programs to utilize Hemp. Hemp is a form of the cannabis plant that contains less then 1% of tetrahydrocannabinol. The low levels of THC allow for the plant to be used for food, textiles, paper, fabric, and fuel oil without the possibility of recreational use that the normal weed plant would offer.

WeAreBaked’s goal is for Stoners to think of us first when thinking about weed websites, like the way they think “High Times” when thinking about weed magazines. For us to achieve this goal we provide you, the stoners, with daily weed related content to keep you informed and entertained. Check out all the different sections of the site and what each one has to offer you.

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Stoner BlogWeAreBaked is the world’s greatest weed blog and is sure to become your number one stop for all marijuana news. Differentiating ourselves from other weed blogs online we have chosen to provide you, the stoner, with more then just your typical medical and legal marijuana news. Our Stoner Entertainment section is devoted purely to bringing you updates and information on things we think stoners will appreciate. The Stoner Reviews section has weekly reviews of cannabis strains and marijuana related products such as bongs, vapor rigs, weed books and more.

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Medicinal Marijuana Patient in New Jersey Suspended From Work and Forced into Rehab

Medicinal Marijuana Patient in New Jersey Suspended From Work and Forced into Rehab

New Jersey is currently one of the 20 states that medicinal marijuana is legal, yet a patient using prescribed marijuana was sent to drug rehab by his empl... »


Stoner Rule #11 – Don’t Be Stingy

Stoner Rule #11 – Don’t Be Stingy

Rule #11 – Don’t Be Stingy When smoking your weed with others make sure that everyone gets high. You never know when the tides will be turned a... »


Top 20 Best Stoner Movies

Top 20 Best Stoner Movies

Most Stoners have a great sense of humor and love to kick back and watch a good stoner movie. But with so many of them out there, it can be hard cyphering ... »

Blaze Glass Premium 6-arm Percolator Cylinder Ice Bong | Bong Reviews

Blaze Glass Premium 6-arm Percolator Cylinder Ice Bong | Bong Reviews

Blaze Glass Premium 6-arm Percolator Cylinder Ice Bong Price: $250.00 The Premium Ice 6-arm  Percolator Bong from Blaze Glass is an incredible bargain for ... »

CommunityWeAreBaked is quickly becoming the most popular and fastest growing marijuana community and stoner social network online. Our activity feeds and customizable profiles give you your own personal corner of the internet to share opinions, tell jokes, and interact with fellow Stoners. Why smoke alone when you can easily jump into one of our stoner forums or chat rooms and talk to interesting people from around the world already having weed related conversions.

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How To'sOur Weed How To’s will teach you, with detailed instructions, everything a true stoner needs to know. Whether your looking to learn how to roll a joint or how to cook with marijuana you will find it here. Alongside the typical joint and blunt tutorials that can be found on almost any weed website online, WeAreBaked also offers detailed instructions on how to make a homemade bong out of almost anything.

WeedopediaWeedopedia is considered to be the internet’s greatest weed encyclopedia for a large number of reasons. With one of the largest databases of marijuana terminology, Weedopedia should become your first stop when you hear a new stoner term that you do not know the meaning of. Weedopedia is different from most of the other online weed encyclopedias because it features extremely in-depth definitions and break downs of each and every word found within, not uneducated user submitted descriptions.

StoreOur store has almost every smoking accessory a Stoner will ever need to smoke weed with our shelves containing bongs, pipes, and rolling papers. Not only do we offer you low prices and quality merchandise but we also provide you with detailed information on each product from a consumers standpoint. The primary goal of our store it to allow smokers to find the bong or pipe for their pot that is perfect match for their style, taste, and price range.