Woman Sues FedEx Over Botched Marijuana Delivery

FedExA woman from Plymouth, Massachusetts has sued the package delivery company FedEx in response to the company giving out her address to drug dealers after she mistakenly received of theirs containing seven pounds of marijuana. The woman, Maryangela Tobin, claims in her lawsuit that by releasing her address the company has put the lives of herself and her children in grave danger.

“I feel like the safety of my daughters and myself was invaded and it makes things complicated,” Ms. Tobin told WBZ-TV. “I walk into my house first every time, my kids don’t.”

Maryangela claims that she received the package and opened it because she believed it to be a birthday present for her daughters up coming party. After she opened the the box she found several boxes of candles, some pixie sticks and peppermint candies and 5 pounds of marijuana, which she thought was potpourri at the time. About an hour after opening the box a man knocked on her door and asked for the package, while suspicious looking two men sat in the running vehicle sitting in her driveway. Ms. Tobin says that she told the man she never received her package and slammed the door, afraid. Ms Tobin called the police with made an arrest leading her to worry about retribution.

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