Why Do Drug Dealer’s Talk In Code

There is no concrete way to talk to drug dealers because the terms are ever changing and can vary from person to person.  Fear of prosecution forces sellers of marijuana to talk “in code” when referring to the drug or when making transactions (Buying or Selling). This “code talk” is used to throw off anyone that may be listening from a different location via wiretap.  The Code Talk used is usually pretty obvious when making the transaction but would be hard to incriminate the dealer in a court of law.  For example, you approach your dealer “like hey you got anything” and the dealer would reply along the lines of  ” yea i got some sticky”.  When making the deal you immediately  understand in what the dealer means but yet if listened to in court “sticky” is not enough to prove marijuana was being sold, maybe you were buying sap or molasses.  Once you understand this you will see that the language of buying drugs is not actually a separate language or form of slang but rather way a of saying something, without saying anything. It is a way for the dealer to say what needs to be said to make a transaction without saying anything that would tip the cops to illegal activity.

Where you are located in the world has a major roll in the way drugs are sold. Depending on what country you are in the code used will be more or less complex. Some countries have less severe penalties for using marijuana so the dealer go to less extremes to avoid detection.  Also the slang used in that area plays heavily on what is going to be said when the deal is going down. Slang is when a certain word or group of words have a different meaning to a particular group of people. So much of what is going to be said when you purchase your drugs depends on how they talk in the particular part of the world.

So there are basically only two tips i can give on what to say when you purchase a illegal narcotics. Tip one is to simply go with the flow, don’t question what he really is saying. Pay attention to his body language and watch to see if he has anything in his hand to give or looks as thou he wants you to pay him. And secondly is don’t act like a narc, by this i mean don’t be obvious when handing off your money and use some type of slang yourself rather then saying ” May i buy some marijuana from you *dealers government name*”. Keep in mind that marijuana is illegal and the dealer is facing a lot heavier charges then you are. Being to obvious will make the dealer not want to continue doing business with you as you may get him caught.

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