What To Do When The Police Are Behind You

cop-in-mirrorWell we know all the first move when the police are behind you is yelling ” EVERYONE SHUT UP IT’S THE COPS”. I never  understand why though, because i doubt they would ever be able to hear you talking…inside of a car, but hey. A lot of people panic when being tailed by the cops and make mistakes which cause them to be pulled over, ending up in arrest or tickets. So what are you supposed to do when the cops are right behind you?

Stay Calm

The last thing you want to do is panic. If you panic you are more likely to do something stupid and get yourself busted. Swerving and inconsistent driving will give the office enough of reason to stop you and if your smoking the smell is enough to get fully searched and pretty much caught. Keep yourself calm until you see the lights because why kill your high when the cop doesn’t even know you exist.

Don’t Look In The Rear View

You may want to keep your eyes on the cop but this can cause you to lose focus of the road. Pay attention to what is in front of you so you don’t do anything stupid. Plus looking in the rear view causes most drivers to pull a little to the right. Swerving in front of a cop will most definitely get you pulled over.

Maintain Speed Limit

Never speed when a cop is directly behind you because they will take it as a slap in the face. They know you are only following the limit because you are aware of them but that attention is what they like. I like to set my cruse control at 2 miles over the speed limit just to look like I’m not trying to hard.

Turn Off

I don’t mean grab the wheel and pull like a 90 degree turn or anything drastic.  Follow the rest of the rules until you find a turn that is not suspicious for you to turn onto.  Remain on the road with the cop tailing you for a while  so you don’t look to eager to get away from him. And after you turn have a story for where you were going because if they do pull you over and you don’t have a story they are going to treat you with more concern.

Keep City Limits In Mind

Unless you have already committed a crime cops will most likely not follow you out of their appointed district. If you are close to the city limits stay on course. Turning before you exit will only allow the cops to follow you longer.

Mentally Locate Everything Illegal In Your Car

Do you have roaches in the ashtray? Blunt guts on the floors? Marijuana in the glove box? Before the cop reaches your window you better know exactly where everything the cop wants to find is at. This way if you feel the cop is going to locate it you can attempt to distract him in a subtle way.

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  1. Keep in mind that most police just want to write tickets. Many of the ticket writers want nothing to do with arresting someone. Take the ticket and say thanks. If you are stopped for longer than 10 minutes, then it is probably more than a ticket. More than 20 minutes? Someone is trying to find a reason to take you to jail because at 20 minutes, that is the max time allowed per Supreme Court standards of detention.

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