Weed Shirts, Marijuana T Shirts And Affordable Stoner Clothing

The easiest way to let people know that you are a True Stoner while remaining discreet is through clothing. The only problem is that most of the marijuana clothing found online is cheaply designed making it not worth the price. All the weed shirts shown here are made by a new Stoner clothing company called ‘The Healing Company‘ or THC. The Healing Company focuses it’s efforts on designing shirts that can be worn by any Stoner at any time.  Most of their weed shirts have canny marijuana symbolism or clever stoner sayings that can be appreciated by Stoners and casual smokers alike.

Weed shirts are the most commonly worn type of clothing for a Stoner to wear. Unlike other fashion styles Stoners do not usually dress in a lot of layers, so the T Shirts we choose to wear are our number one form of expression and individuality. What are you saying with yours?

Stoner Shirts

Vegetarian Stoner Shirt

Weed Power

PotHead Shirt

So Fresh - Purple

Mighty Marijuana Tree Shirt

GrassHopper Coffee Shop

Weed & Women


I Need Weed

Stoner #1 Shirt

Lighter - Always Have One Handy


Stoner #2 Shirt

Legalize It

Mickey Bong

Weed shirts always get compliments but parody weed shirts get them on almost a daily basis. Companies pay thousands of dollars for graphic designers to make their logos both eye catching and memorable. So why waste all that funding on a boring company name? Replace the name with some basic Stoner terminology, add a quick pot leaf and you end up with a Stoner shirt that is sure to bring a smile to any smokers face.

Parody Weed Shirts

Wake N Bake

Pot Head All Star


Cotton Mouth Shirt

SuperStoner Shirt

Bud Signal Shirt

Fuma Shirt

Toke Weed Shirt

Cannabis Park Shirt

Stoner Bread

Cannabis Soup

The Big Bong Theory Shirt

THC Shirt

Stoners Bar

Giggle Shirt


420 Shirt

Bubba Kush

Sensi Soda Shirt

Burnin' Kind

Enjoy CannaBis Shirt

Marijuana Strains are known for their crazy names and vivid imagery which makes them perfect for T Shirt designs.  Let the world know what your favorite marijuana strains are by sporting them on your chest.

Strain Shirts

Ak47 ~ Stoner Shirt

Ak47 Weed Strain Shirt

BubbleGum Kush ~ Stoner Shirt

BubbleGum Kush Shirt

White Rhino ~ Stoner Shirt

White Rhino Weed Strain Shirt

BlueBerry Kush ~ Stoner Shirt

BlueBerry Kush

420 is every Stoners favorite number and is an international code word for smoking weed . Let everyone know that you like to toke by having it blasted across your chest.

420 Shirts

420 Splat

Project 420

Roman 420