Red Dragon – Marijuana Strain Review

Red Dragon Marijuana

Red Dragon is the outcome of cross breeding two exotic strains of marijuana, the Utopia Haze strain and the West Himalayan Kush.  Red Dragon begins with a strong sativa high and settles out with a mellow long lasting kush high. It’s buds are large and shattered with shades of red and green.

The Red Dragon is a strain of weed that is extremely effective at warding off stress and anxiety.  Red Dragon is known to increase hunger, curing the lack of appetite that comes with cancer treatment and anorexia.

Smoking Red Dragon gives the user a ‘happy high’. The smoker experiences high levels of happiness mixed with uplifting and euphoric feelings. Red Dragon also increases how talkative you are and decreases your want for activity.

The major negative aspect of Red Dragon is that it is more lightly to give you a headache or cause dizziness then other strains. As seen in many types of weed, Red Dragon also causes dry mouth and dry eyes.

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