Organ Transplants for Pot Patients In New Jersey

New JerseyThe greatest problems with medical marijuana is the way it is legal on the state level but illegal on the federal level. This miscommunication has lead to the denial of organ transplants to many medical pot patients by hospitals. However a bill was recently approved by New Jersey’s Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee and sponsored by state Senators Joseph Vitale and Nicholas Scutari is seeking to right this atrocity. The bill, if approved, would properly render all medical cannabis to be an equivalent to any other prescription medication in New Jersey.

Senator Joseph Vitale announced in a press release that he extremely motivated to co-craft this bill with Nicholas Scitari after learning of that way previous patients were forced to suffer needlessly and even die because they were legal medical marijuana patients, something the healthcare hierarchy chooses not to endorse.

The bill would “provide that a registered, qualifying patient’s authorized use of medical marijuana would be considered equivalent to using other prescribed medication rather than an illicit substance and therefore would not disqualify the person from needed medical care, such as an organ transplant.”

The bill, to become legal, would have to be approved by both New Jersey state chambers and be signed by Governor Chris Christie. If the bill were to become a law the legislation could decide to set a precedent for other medical marijuana state to follow. New Jersey has previously become the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana as of 2010 and some consider New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws to be some of the strictest in the entire United States. This has lead to the state encountering a large number of ‘bureaucratic roadblocks’ avoiding them from implementing the program. As of March 2012 only six state sanctioned dispensaries have opened to the public.

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