Top 5 Stone Pipes For Sale | Picked By Stoners

Stone has been used in pipe making for many years because of it’s flame resistance and durability. Almost all of the stone pipes for sale below are less then ten dollars and are guaranteed to last for many years, as long as you don’t lose it. If you have been looking for a good stone pipe then you can stop wasting you time and buy one of the hand pipes below now.

Top 5 Stone Pipes For Sale

Stone Wedge Hand Pipe with Ribbon Path

Price: $9.50

This is an amazing stone pipe because of two reasons, first the ribbon pathway curves and twists to give your smoke extra time to cool down before you inhale it. And the second is the pipes built in hinge and allow you to open the pip and remove any clogged up resin.

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Stone Block Hand Pipe with Sliding Lid

Price: $9.00

This stone pipe always feels comfortable in your hands when you inhale and has a classy marbled look. This stone pipe come with a built in sliding lid that covers the bowl so nothing falls out.

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Wood And Stone Hand Pipe

Price: $7.65

This hand pipe is both great to use and extremely stylish to own. Made from solid wood and either black or white rock this pipe will last, and last, and last.

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Carved Soapstone Fish Stone Hand Pipe

Price: $7.50

The carved soapstone fish hand pipe is made of soapstone that is carved with a detailed fish head on the bowl and scales moving down the side of the stem.

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Stone Teardrop Hand Pipe with Ribbon Path

Price: $8.75

This is a super sweet stone pipe that is made with a hinge for easy cleaning and is small enough to fit comfortably in anyone’s hand.

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