Top 10 Games To Play While Stoned

The list of the top 10 games to play while stoned was created because everyone likes to play video games when they are high but picking the right game can be a challenge. You want to make sure it is fun but still easy or simply enough for you to play while being stoned.

oblivion#10. Elder Scrolls 3 or 4

After about 3 blunts you really forget what you are even doing in this game. You ALWAYS end up on an extremely long journey , half way across the entire continent, running away from creatures you simply we not prepared to face. There is a main quest but you would finish it if your smoking weed.

#9. SSX Tricky

Snow boards, raid tricks, and Run DMC music, what more can a stoner ask for? The visual is SSX tricky have you staring into the screen thinking ” is that even possible”…NO IT IS NOT POSSIBLE…. YOU ARE HIGH….JUST PLAY THE DAMN VIDEO GAME.

left4dead#8.Left 4 Dead

Turn out the lights, turn on your Xbox, and spark up a fattie because when stoned this game will scare the shit out of you. The endless zombie rampages will have you running and gunning like your life really depends on it. Watch out for the BOOMERS!

#7. Super Smash Brothers

The action in this game will have you on the edge on your seat, pressing buttons as fast as possible , attempting not to dropping the blunt. The bright colors associated with most Nintendo games make it perfect for a stoners eyes and the light hearted fighting will make you come back for more. Grab up your for biggest stoner friends and prepare for War!

ParappatheRappa#6. PaRappa Da Rapper

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind…. CLASSIC. Every time I try to play this game when I’m stoned i can barely get past the first level. As you know smoking will slow down your reaction time and as this game speeds up the the messes ups will increase. After about 15 tries your ready to throw the controller at the screen thou, you’ve been warned.

rpgmaker3#5. RPG Maker 3D

Let’s face it stoners do everything better. Ever play a RPG that lasts like 3 weeks just to get to a shitty ending? I know you have but with RPG Maker you will never again because you get to make the game how you want. Make a game about yourself, or a marijuana demon, or you fighting a marijuana demon with you magic bong powers.

Mario Kart#4. Mario Kart

Everyone loves racing games and there isn’t one better then Mario kart. The VS moods will keep you and you friends entertained long after the high wears off. The colors and playful content make this the best racing game for anyone Under the Influence.

#3. ScribbleKnauts

In ScribbleKnauts you can create anything you want, anything. Whether it be a vampire or a sailboat just type in the name and watch it appear before your eyes. When baked it’s hard not to get distracted from the main game play and just build anything that comes to mind to see what will happen. Might I suggest making a Dingo and a Baby.

Katamari#2. Katamari

In this game you are an alien that starts of small but grows to enormous sizes.  But how you grow is all the fun, you don’t simply grow like the 80 foot woman. But you have a special sticky ball and collects anything it touchs and you must roll it around and collect items much like a snowball going down hill, growing as you push. Start of collecting nickels and matchsticks and eventually with time and practice you will be collect skyscrapers and cars in no time.

#1. Super Mario Bros.

A classic to anyone that has ever heard of a video game Super Mario Bros is number one on the list. This game may be simple to the normal person but , to the stoner, this game can be very challenging. The timed jumps, basic enemy AI, and moving platforms will have you saying “One More Time” all night.

Fredeick is a chronic marijuana smoker and author on several of the most popular weed websites and the sole owner of WeAreBaked. In his spare time, Baked likes to get high (preferably bongs or joints) while watching movies and browsing the internet for the latest marijuana information.