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The key to finding cheap bongs for sale online is finding bongs that are cheap in price but not in quality. A lot of online headshops offer bongs for a low price, but most of these bongs are made with incredibly poor craftsmanship and some of them do not even work.  Because of this a lot of Stoners have been put off from buying bongs online and choose to not buy anything they can not see first. All of the bongs on this list are made to last and are all priced at under $15.00 dollars so there is no excuse for you not to buy one of these cheap bongs today.

Top 10 Cheap Bongs For Sale

6 Inch Acrylic Bong

Price: $5.65

This tiny bong hits like a professional even thou it is merely 6′ inches tall and 1′ inch wide. Because this bong is so small it can easily fit into any pocket without becoming obvious to passers by.

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Black Cat Waterpipe Bottle

Price: $9.00

The Black Cat Bottle Waterpipe is a professionally built version of the homemade bottle bongs people make when they can not afford a bong. This bong offers all the benefits of a full size bong but in a 6.3 inch package being sold for less then 10 dollars.

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Colored Acrylic Bong

Price: $9.66

This bong is a slightly larger version of the first bong on the list sporting the same design, only bigger. This only bongs stand up to be 7.1 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide but has been known to blow smokers away. Buy this bong if your looking for a hard hitting way to get high but can’t afford a normal bong.

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Small Glass Bong


This small glass bong is only 5.5 inches tall but and hang with it’s bigger brother without problem.

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Amsterdam Acrylic Bottle Bong

Price: $12.86

The Amsterdam Acrylic Bottle Bong is made with translucent white acrylic and a red base and red trim around the mouthpiece. The bong also features a picture of the Amsterdam coat of arms on the tube and comes with a red metal bowl.

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Acrylic Bubble Bong

Price: $13.85

This acrylic bubble bong is 8.1 inches tall and has a bubble on the bottom to allow for the bong to hold more water. Out of all the bongs on this list the bubble bongs are the most traditional style of bong for the low price.

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Acrylic Double Bong

Price: $14.40

The Double Bubble acrylic bong is one of the best bongs you can buy for under 15 dollars. The bong stands just under one foot tall (10.8 inches) and has two bubble allowing for it to hold the maximum amount of water possible while remaining in a tube design.

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VooDoo Design Glass Mini Bong

Price: $14.50

This is a smaller version of a typical layback bubble bong created with a two decorative glass bulges on the tube and a 14.5mm glass-on-glass joint. One of five different, randomly chosen, designs are on the tube just under the mouthpiece.

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Pocket Water Pipe

Price: $14.75

The Pocket Water Pipe is a bong that is designed to go in your pocket when not in use. I know of quite a few people that refer to this cheap bong as the “master piece” because of it’s hard hits and small design.

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Amsterdam Bubble Base Bong

Price: $15.00

The Amsterdam Bubble Bong is made completely of clear glass with a clear red base and clear red trim around the mouthpiece, this small waterpipe features a coat of arms decal on the tube and has a funnel bowl and chillum attached.

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Now that you have seen all of the different cheap bongs for sale that have made it onto our top ten list you can make a decision on which one is right for you. If you were looking to spend a little bit more money you should check out our list of the “top 5 percolator bongs for sale” which has bongs that come with a built in percolator to filter your smoke better then a normal water bong.

Fredeick is a chronic marijuana smoker and author on several of the most popular weed websites and the sole owner of WeAreBaked. In his spare time, Baked likes to get high (preferably bongs or joints) while watching movies and browsing the internet for the latest marijuana information.

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    Ted Bluntage - January 5, 2014, 12:14 pm

    I have used a few of these bongs as throw away pieces when on vacation and they worked perfectly.

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