Keeping A Good Lookout When Riding Dirty

Everyone knows when your driving you see everything. You are like a hawk when your behind the wheel so this is post it mainly directed toward the passengers. Just because your not in your car doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about getting busted. In many cases the entire car will be charged with possession if no one person assumes sole responsibility. And even if you are in no risk of taking the fall you should still be on the look out for suspicious activity’s because you don’t want to see you smoking buddy get locked up either Every member of the smoking party needs to do their personal best at staying alert and aware of their environment because two sets of eyes are better then one, so are 3 sets and 4 sets. The fastest way to get caught smoking is getting pulled over, so when driving your car and smoking you need to avoid this at all cost to remain on the safe side.

Riding DirtyNow that you understand the risks of smoking in the car and understand why it is important to stay vigilant we can get into how to be the best look out you can be. First and foremost you need to keep a look out, there have lots of times that i have seen the passengers just in there own world. Dazed off like nothing in the entire world can go wrong. But this is wrong, they need to keep their eyes open and be on the look out. Secondly learn to use your mirrors. Cops like to park off to the side of the road in places you may not see them as you drive toward them. Just because you are past the cop does not mean you are out of danger. Look in your mirrors often to see if you can see a cop approaching from behind or off to the side of the road, Out Of View. Third of all make sure you don’t act a fool when your in the car. Cops can see you if your moving around or passing the blunt so try your best to do it secretly.

Also needed to be a good lookout is common sense. If someone is rolling up they obviously can’t put their full attention into keeping a lookout too, or the L will probally come out looking like crap. So if someone starts to roll up, double your lookout efforts because you might be the only protection against the cops. Another way people get caught when they shouldn’t is by not speaking up. If you see a cop let everyone else know because they might not of seen him. Ofcourse most of the time everyone would have already seen him but the time they don’t could be your ass so don’t risk it.

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