How To Smoke Weed in Your Bedroom Without Getting Caught

With the weather getting colder by the day pretty soon us smokers are not going to want to have to travel outside in order to toke up. Many of us will simply smoke in the comfort of our own homes but some can not. Some smokers currently live in situations where smoking inside ( or even knowledge of smoking) will cause disapprove from the other residents. We have been there and here is a list on the best way to smoke marijuana in your bedroom without getting caught.

The Smell

Towel Under The Door

This is the most known and most commonly used trick used when trying not to get caught smoking marijuana in your bedroom. You take a towel and roll it up and tightly as you can, then you jam the towel under the door to prevent any smoke from escaping.  Under the door is the largest area for smoke to escape threw the door so making sure you clog this hole is crucial.

Close/Cover Vents

I have never had to worry about this because my home does not have any vents, but i hear they can be a problem. Vents travel all around the hole and there is no telling where a scent that enter the vent will exit. Because of this you need to make sure you close your vents for block them while smoking. If your vent does not have a switch or lever to close it throw a shirt or towel over it.

Toilet Paper Roll And Fabric Softeners

This trick is golden and should be used by anyone that needs to ensure not getting caught smoking weed in their bedroom. First you need to buy, or grab from the laundry room, a few of those scented fabric softeners that you are supposed to throw in the the dryer. Stuff them into the the end of an empty paper towel roll or any other tube large enough to seal around your lips. After taking a hit you need to blow the smoke threw this tube. The fabric softeners will cleanse the scent of weed from the smoke as it passes threw.

Incense/Candles/Air Sanitizer

Candles, incense, and air sanitizer are great when you need to mask the smell of cannabis. Be sure to light any candles or incense before you begin smoking and allow the smoke to circulate around the room.

Fan Towards Window

After you finish smoking open up and window and strategically position a fan towards it. This will blow the marijuana scented air out of your room and refill it with fresh air. Be sure to do this because after smoking marijuana it can become hard to detect the scent and it is better to be safe.

The Noise

Load Music/TV

Turn up your TV to the point where you know hearing inside your from from the outside is impossible. The  key with this is not to make it so loud that they have to come ask you to turn it down, just loud enough to cover your tracks.

Cough Into Pillow or Shirt

No matter who your hiding smoking weed from I’m sure that if they hear you coughing up a lung for 15 minutes they are going to check in on you. Make sure you cover you mouth firmly with a pillow or spare shirt, this with muffle the sound, thus saving your ass.

Lighter Clicking

CLICK! ….CLICK!….CLICK!….. you probably don’t notice it but that noise really draws attention. When smoking in your room either smoke out of a blunt (smoke proof the door) or buy a candle. With a candle you can simple hold down the gas button and move the lighter over the flame to re-spark your lighter, without sparking your lighter.

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Fredeick is a chronic marijuana smoker and author on several of the most popular weed websites and the sole owner of WeAreBaked. In his spare time, Baked likes to get high (preferably bongs or joints) while watching movies and browsing the internet for the latest marijuana information.


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    • People on “these cannabis sites” use words incorrectly because they’re high. Trust me, i’m a doctor.

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