How To Roll A Joint

Learning how to roll a joint from WeAreBaked is the smartest move any Stoner could make. Each and every one of WeAreBaked’s joint rolling tutorials come with in-depth descriptions to help you through every step of the entire process. Joints are the most commonly known way to smoke marijuana because of how quickly you are able to roll a joint. Most people would lead you to believe that rolling a joint is a simple process, breaking the marijuana down into small pieces and rolling it into a cigarette using rolling papers, but as soon as they attempt to roll one for themselves the problems begin to occur. Our how to roll a joint section will provide you with detailed descriptions of the various parts of a joint along with instructions to some of the craziest trick joints you’ve ever seen, or smoked.

There are a couple of things you have to keep in mind when attempting to roll a joint of any kind. First thing to remember is that the way you break down the marijuana is the most important part of the entire process and will determine the outcome of the joint. If you do not break the buds into small enough pieces the joint will not be able to take on the classic tube shape and come out looking disfigured and could possibly even lead to holes in the paper. The second most important part of learning how to roll a joint is understanding how tight the joint needs to be. If you roll the joint to tight it will be extremely hard to pull because of the lack of airflow, while if you roll the joint to loose it will cause for it to burn fast and taste harsh. Loose joints are also known for burning inconsistently and allowing pieces of bud to escape the roach and get into your mouth when smoking them.

Joint Rolling Instructions

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How To Roll A Uboat JointHow To Roll A Boat Joint

The first in the how to roll a joint section is the Boat joint. This is a quick way for you to roll a normal joint without all the extra features the rest of the joints on here have. The Boat joint is fast, efficient, and will sink your battle ship.

How To Roll A Tulip JointHow To Roll A Tulip Joint

The Tulip is a joint that is smoked because of it’s looks rather then it’s good design. It’s name comes from the fact that it looks like a unbloomed Tulip. If you ever have any extra weed i would strongly recommend making on of this and just showing off to your friends.

How To Roll A Cross JointHow To Roll A Cross Joint

The Cross Joint became the most asked about joint after being seen in the movie “Pineapple Express”.  It takes three joints and turns them into one powerful “Tri-Fecta” of smoke. Pick out your 3 favorites and get ready to blaze up to the third power.

How To Roll A Fatty JointHow To Roll A Fatty Joint

The Fatty joint is the name for a joint that is Packed Tight with marijuana. It allows you to smoke a lot of weed without having to roll a lot of joints and having to re-lit every 7- 10 minutes. Learn to roll one large slow burning joint and will get an entire group stoned.

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How To Roll A Diamond JointHow To Roll A Diamond Joint

They say diamonds are every girl’s best friend and if that’s true then the diamond joint is every stoner’s best friend. This joint is shaped like a diamond to give it a little extra class then your average joint. The diamond shape symbolizes the extra effort put into rolling this joint.

How To Roll A Cone JointHow To Roll A Khalifa Kone

You haven’t smoked until you have smoked out off a Khalifa Kone joint. This joint was originally submitted by Brett as part of our how to roll a joint contest but has made it’s way to our how to section. This method is quick, simple, and pulls better then most joints so give it a shot today.

How To Roll A Undercover JointHow To Roll An Undercover Joint

Sometimes you want to smoke but are afraid someone will see the joint in your hand. When this happens the undercover joint is just what the doctor calls for. Learn how to roll an undercover joint that looks like a cigarette but smoke like a doobie.

How To Roll A L JointHow To Roll A L Joint

The L Joint is one of the easiest ways for a Stoner to roll a cone shaped joint without much skill. If you wish to properly roll a joint that will pull nicely and look clean while doing so but haven’t rolled many joints, this is the way to go. Learning how to roll a l joint is learning how to roll a joint that almost guarantees that desired cone shape.

How To Roll A Flaming Backflip JointHow To Roll A Flaming Joint

The Flaming Joint is a perfect combination of pyrotechnics and marijuana rolling. After you roll the joint you actually light it on fire and let all of the extra paper burn off. Impress all your Stoner buddies next time you roll up and use the Flaming Joint technique.

Clumzy Fingers Joint Rolling Instructions

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Some Stoners are just born with a set of clumsy fingers that will make the entire process of learning how to roll a joint extremely difficult. If your one of these people fear not, we have taking the time to prepare a few tutorials specifically with you in mind. The following joint rolling tutorials allow for almost anyone to roll a joint with little practice, whether their hands shake or not.

How To Roll A Joint With A PenHow To Roll A Joint Using A Pen

One of the easiest ways to roll a joint is by rolling your paper around a pen into a tube and packing the broken up weed into the tube you made. This method almost guarantees a perfect tube shape every time.

 How To Roll A Joint With A DollarHow To A Joint With A Dollar Bill

Using a dollar bill to help you roll a joint makes the entire process easier by increasing the length. All you need to do is roll the bill as you would a joint with the rolling paper inside, simple as that.

Frequently Asked Joint Questions

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Are Joints Safe?

Joints are not completely healthy because you are inhaling smoke, and smoke entering your lungs in any way shape or form is bad for you, but they are far better for you then a tobacco cigarette. The only safe way for someone to consume marijuana is by eating it. Bongs are safer for the smoker then joints because of the way they filter the smoke through water.

Do Joints Conserve Weed?

People like to think that joints waste marijuana more then a bong or pipe because joints burn consistently, even when someone is not smoking them. This is true, but when smoking a joint the users should not be standing around letting the joint burn in there hand. When smoking a joint the smoker should take his hits and pass the joint, this way when the smoker is enjoying his hit the next person it taking theirs so no weed is wasted.

Should I Use A Joint Or A Bong?

Bongs are a lot easier for beginner smokers to use because all you need to do is pack the bowl and light it while you inhale. Joints take time and skill to roll so one will need to practice before he/she is able to roll a satisfying joint. Besides that the number of people smoking is a major factor when it comes to choosing a smoking method. Joints are small and should not be used when sharing with more then 4 people, I prefer 2 max. Bongs are easier to refill and keep the session going smoothly so are great for larger groups or smokers or when planing on smoking a lot of weed.

How Much Marijuana Should A Joint Contain?

One of the most important things you need to know when you first attempt to learn how to roll a joint is the amount of marijuana you need to use. The amount of weed used in each joint will differ depending on whether you are using pure herb or a mixture of weed and tobacco. Typical joints contain anywhere from 0.4 to 1.5 grams of marijuana, depending on the quality of the marijuana.

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