How To Make Hash

Hashish, or more commonly known as hash, is a form of cannabis that is made by removing and compressing the plants trichomes. Hash contains all of the same active ingredients that are in normal marijuana but in much higher concentrations. Depending on the style the hash is made in it can be soft and resinous or stiff and solid. After you learn how to make hash you will learn that most pressed hash is solid and water-purified hashish is paste-like and bendable. The color of hashish can vary anywhere from  green, yellow, red or black. The best part about hash and the main reason why you should learn how to make hash is that it can be consumed in anyway (smoking, eating, or even as a suppository) as long as it does enter your body.

Hash is created by extracting the psychoactive resins from a mature cannabis plant and compressing them into little smokeable blocks most commonly referred to as “Hash Cakes”. Resins are most often produced by tiny glands found on the flowering buds of the plant called trichomes. These trichomes are what give the cannabis buds a “frosty” appearance and look like tiny mushrooms when viewed under a microscope or magnifying glass. Although most of the trichomes are found on the buds of the female plant there are still small amounts, 10%, to be found on the leaves and stalk of both the male and females plants. Making Hash is an amazing way for home growers to maximize the potential of their harvest by putting every part of the plant to good use rather then just the buds. Below you will find simple, easy to follow instructions for how to make hash in a number of different ways.

How To Make Blender Hash

Blender Hash is a form of Hash that is very easy to make using only a blender, some ice water, and a mesh screen.

How To Make Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is one of the stronger versions of homemade hash that you can make, but it require a lengthy amount of time and some materials you may or may not have laying around your home. Bubble Hash is named after the way the Hash ‘bubbles’ when it is being smoked.

 How To Make Drum Machine Hash

Drum Machine Hash is a type of Hash that is made by tossing your marijuana trimmings inside of an electric powered, cylindrical machine much like the inside of a clothes dryer. As the Drum Machine spins it tumbles the trimming against the screen causing the trichomes to fall off.

How To Make Flat Screen Hash

Flat screen hash is by far one of the easiest versions of hash to make requiring nothing more then a screen, sheet of glass, and some extra marijuana trimmings. Learning how to make hash with the flat screen method should be one of the first ways of making hash you learn.

How To Make Hash With Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol Hash is hashish made by using isopropyl alcohol to extract the trichomes and the marijuana. Since isopropyl alcohol is 99% alcohol it dissolves away and leave only the hash behind.

Frequently Asked Hash Questions

Is Hash Safe To Smoke?

Before a lot of stoners will even begin learning how to make hash they have to question is this stuff even safe to smoke?Because of the foreign chemicals entering your lungs at high temperatures there is a level of harm that comes from smoking anything, but hash and other forms of marijuana are safer for you tho smoke then tobacco, cocaine, or any other street drug. As for Hash itself, green and gold hash is cleaner and therfor probably far healthier on the lungs than the solid brown hash or mushy black kind. However as with many if you abuse it, then it will damage your lungs and/or brain.

How Much Marijuana Is Needed To Make Hash?

One of the first questions you need the answer to before you learn how to make has is how much weed is needed. When making hash from marijuana buds the common rule of thumb is that you will receive about 12-15% the amount you put in depending on the grade of the cannabis and the skill of the maker. When using cannabis plant trimmings the typical amount of hash received per ounce of trimmings is 1  gram. Marijuana Trimming makes far less hash then marijuana buds but you can usually pick up a lot of trimming for a cheap price.

What Is The Best Way To Smoke Hash?

The easiest way for you to smoke hash is by sprinkling it on top of some normal marijuana before rolling it into a joint or tossing it into your bong or bowl. Another effective way to smoke your hash is by using the hot knives method. Take two knives and heat them over the flame of your lighter until they are nice and hot, then place some of your hash between the two knives and pinch it together until the smoke begins show. Use straws or hollowed pen tubes to suck up all of the smoke.

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