Fast Food Joints For Stoners

Fast Food Joints For Stoners

There are a lot of different places to stop when traveling down the road for a bite to eat but not all are ideal for when your high. Find out which fast food locations are best for when you have a horrible case of the munchies.

Burger King

Besides their flame broiled burgers, Burger King’s claim to fame is your ability to “Have It Your Way”. Stoners have been known to be picky eaters so, when you get one of the special cravings that come with smoking weed, you should go to the place that knows how you feel.


We like Wendy’s for the list mainly because of their ‘frosties’ but also because of there diverse dollar menu.  Whether your looking for old fashion hamburger or a baked potato, Wendy’s can satisfy your hunger needs. We recommend dipping your nuggets and fries in the chocolate frosty…YUM.

Jack In The Box

Have you ever heard of Jack In The Boxes cheesy mac n cheese bites? If not you have not lived. Jack In The Box has delicious beverages and amazing good food.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the first chosen fast food restaurant by stoners all around of the world. Whether it be because they are the only joint the list that does not sell hamburgers or because of the sheer amount of food you get for your money, stoners love this place.

White Castle

Many people believe that Taco Bell deserves to be number one on the list but, with all the fame White Castle has received from “Harold And Kumar”, we feel that it has earned its spot. White Castle ads an element of fun to eating by making it’s burgers tiny, so tiny that you must eat 3-4 to equal a number cheeseburger found at McDonald’s or Burger King.

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  1. They Don’t Have Jack In The Boxes Where I Live……….They Got Commercials Thou lol

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