Different Types Of Cop Cars

There are different kinds of police cars which should cause different levels of alarm to a stoner depending on the situation. Now, any police officer can stop you when you commit a crime. But it is whether they will or not is what you would like to know.More important officer’s such as a detective will rarely waste their time on traffic stops. And squad cars are usually patrolling the street looking for anything at all. Learn the difference in the types of police cars and avoid having our arm rate shoot to the red zone every time you see a funny looking car on your block.

oldcopcarPatrol/Squad Cars

Squad cars are the most common of all cop cars and are used by most police officers on the force. They are the cop cars that have the police department’s logo in plain view. These types of cars are used for most situations and are equipped to do so with computer terminals and radios to contact the department headquarters. The backseat of a squad car is usually turned into a confined area to separate suspects/criminals from the police when there attention is directed elsewhere (traffic). Along with the backseat squad cars are decorated with flashlights and sirens. These are the cars the response to calls as well as make routine traffic stops.

bikecopBike Patrol

Bike cops are the same type of cops as the ones that drive the squad cars with one difference, the bike. When using a motorcycle cops can gain access to areas that a car simply cannot. Bike cops also offer no transportation of criminals back to the situation so the cop will usually be joined by a Squad car before you are approached during a stop.

unmarked police carUnmarked Police Cars

An unmarked police car is used to catch an offender off guard. Many people will perform illegal actives when they know there is no one watching. For example, typically a speeder will look far down the road for cop and slow down before coming up on one. If the cop car is not easily identifiable the speeder may pass over the vehicle and continue  to speed making it easier to law enforcement to do there job. An unmarked police car is usually the same as a squad car with the exception of the logo. These car are typically all white or all black version of the same model car as the townships squad car.

imagesUndercover Cop Cars

An undercover cop car is not the same as an unmarked police car. An undercover cop car is a car that is in no way associated with the police department.  These are the car used in stakeouts and bugged transactions (drug deals). These cars can be any type of car and is usually selected depending on what would fit in the best in the area.

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  1. The best one to pull you over is the motobike cop. She or he wants to cut you a citation in less than 5 minutes in order to stop and cite someone else. That is their job. Write tickets and take accident reports. They aren’t into investigating drug crimes in your car unless you have a bong in your lap. The undercover cars are a different story. They know who you are and it won’t be a ticket you get. So be thankful its a motorbike when you get stopped…

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