Top 5 Ways To Smoke Weed

People like to smoke weed in a lot of different ways, and with all the different factors it would be extremely hard for anyone to decide which way is “The Best”. Even thou we can’t tell you which way is the correct way to smoke marijuana we can tell you the main ways people choose to smoke weed. Below you will find the list of the top 5 ways to smoke weed and the reasons why each earned a spot on the Top Five.


Water Bongs are an extremely fashionable and cool way to smoke weed. They come in a large variety of styles an price ranges so it is easy to find the bong that is right for you. Studies show that when you smoke weed out of a joint you receive upwards to 78% of the THC from the marijuana. This percentage is far greater then with joints or pipes.


If your not a joint person and you don’t have enough room to carry a bong you probably turn to a pipe. Pipes are most oftenly crafted out of glass, metal, or wood and consist of a bowl and a long shaft to cool your smoke before inhaling it. Pipes hit hard and in my opinion waste more weed then a bong would but still far less then is needed to roll a decent sized joint.


Joints are the all around classic way to smoke marijuana. If you want be a true Stoner you must learn how to roll a joint. Joints are the most convenient way to smoke marijuana , all you need is a pack of rolling papers and a little bit of weed and you ready to go.


Hookahs have been used in the far east for hundreds of years, and for good reason. The hookah shares basically the same concept as a bong, smoke filtered through water, but with several minor changes. Hookah’s have much larger bowls then bongs that sits onto of the hookah.  Instead of a large open tube the hookah allows user or user to attach tubes to the base of the pot and causally smoke while sitting still.  Hookah’s are great for parties and smoking in bed.


In my opinion vaporizers are the best way to smoke weed if you have the time to use it and money to buy one. Vaporizers heat your marijuana to the temperature the THC is released without the need of a flame. This reduces the amount of unneeded smoke from enters your lungs and causing damage. With vaporizers you also receive 100% of the THC in the weed.

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Fredeick is a chronic marijuana smoker and author on several of the most popular weed websites and the sole owner of WeAreBaked. In his spare time, Baked likes to get high (preferably bongs or joints) while watching movies and browsing the internet for the latest marijuana information.

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