Best Places To Hide Marijuana In Your Car

Finding a good place to hide your weed from the police may be the most important thing you ever do. Once you find a good spot it can be used and reused until the police have found and documented the location the drugs were found. Good place included areas that police are not allowed to search with out a warrant or reasoning as well as hiding locations, objects found in your car, and anywhere you think the police will never look. The best areas i have found to hide my marijuana from the police are….

Glove Box

The glove box is the most common place to hide your stash but this is for good reason. When your glove box is locked the cops can not enter it unless the have reason.  And as long as you follow the instructions set in the What To Do When The Police Are Behind You post you will leave them with none.


This place will be hard for you to put your weed in if it’s not already there before the cops stop you. If the cop sees you reaching for the sunroof he will be sure to check if not at least question what you were doing. When looking for weed a lot of new unpracticed officers will forget check this spot.

Gas Tank

Hiding marijuana in your gas tank is not for small amounts of the drug. This location is more commonly used when transporting larger quantities of the drug from one spot to another to reduce fear of arrest on prosecution. Marijuana will only be found in your vehicle if the officer believes he is sure to find the narcotic and requests a dog or search of the vehicle.

Inside Food

This is one of the most creative ideas i have learned to hiding marijuana from the police. If you are pulled over and you just happen to have some fast food in your car put the marijuana inside of the the food. If you got a burger, open it up , put the weed inside, and re wrap your food. I have never seen a police officer physically handle someones food.

Unique Spots To Your Car

Every car has spots custom to that make or model that are perfect for hiding marijuana. Look over your car and see if you notice and panels that can be quickly removed with ease. But also be sure not to select a easily noticed spot or a spot the may just happen to open when the police are conducting their search.

For more advice on avoiding the police please check out our Beating The Badge section.

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  1. I usually only carry a little on me and keep it in my pocket or on my person and NEVER smoke in or around the car…don’t give them the chance to say they smoked it.

  2. I think the best spot for girls is in your bra due to the fact male officers cant search you and for guys well i guess in between your nut sack lol you place the other sack haha damn (:)-)

  3. I went to an annual music festival and cops always have a road block en route. I crushed all my stash. Got a large orange juice in a cardboard container. Carefully took off the lid without breaking the seal. Poured some juice out. Got a condom (cos their job is to be watertight). Unrolled the condom and put it into the container with the opening sticking out. Put the crushed weed into the condom bit by bit and the condom expanded inside the fruit juice container. Once all the weed was in I knotted the condom, pushed it in, filled the container to the top with juice and carefully put the lid back on. Kept the OJ with some food and other juices in a cooler box in the trunk. Sailed through the roadblock and had enough weed for me and 3 buddies for four days.

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