9 Pictures of Hot Girls Rolling Joints

The only good excuse for not knowing how to roll a joint is having a girl like one of the ones below rolling it for you. Each one of the girls rolling joints in these pictures were picked because of their sexiness and the originality of the picture. Check out these nine hot Stoner girls rolling perfect joints now and be sure to check back weekly for more pictures of Bongs N Babes.

9 Pictures of Hot Girls Rolling Joints
Wet & Sunny Joint

For some people nothing feels better then feeling the sun’s bright rays on their skin first thing in the morning with a joint in between their lips.

Lap Blunt Roll

When there isn’t a table insight you need to just make do and roll the joint on your lap, might be sloppy but looks pretty sexy.

Duck Down Joint Roll

Just because there isn’t a table to your level doesn’t mean you can not roll your blunt. Check out this hottie ducking down to roll herself a blunt.

Feet Up Joint Roll

This girl looks like she is just putting the finishing touches on her joint. Check out how her feet are kicked up and she is ready to chill.

Sexy Tongue Rolling Joint

This girl looks like she could do some amazing things with her tongue besides rolling joints.

Hippie Blonde Joint Rolling

No one rolls a joint better then a hippie, and nothing is funnier to watch then a hippie chick rolling a blunt.

Red Riding Hood Rolling A Blunt

This girl looks like she is a pro at rolling up. Check her out rolling a sexy blunt in some stairwell somewhere.

FabuLips Blunt Roll

I named this picture the ‘FabuLips Blunt Roll’ because of the position the girls lip is in. It rhymes me of the way Fabulous used to look when he would rap.

Table Top Joint Roll

This chick has everything she needs to begin her rolling process, weed is broken up and dutch has been cracked.

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