8 Different Types of Drug Dealers


There are many different kinds of drug dealers in the the world but no matter where you go you will always run into these same 8. These are the most typical kinds of drug dealers and if your unlucky your dealer will be a few of these stereotypes rolled into one.

The Pushy One

This type of drug dealer appears more often when buying weed outside of your familiar element. Meaning when you are dealing with a dealer that you do not see on regular basis. Before you leave the scene this type of dealer will have given you his number three times, have you call him to save it in his phone, and ended half of his sentences in ‘be sure to hit me up’ They will try to offer you package deals to get as much money out of you as possible, because they don’t know if they ever gonna get the chance to take your money again.

The Shady One

Everyone has to deal with dealers like this a time or two in there weed smoking career. When you first call them they don’t sound like they really have it and when you get to the meeting spot, they appear out of now like one of robin hood merry men. They take your money and leave without saying to much and look at you like you were a DEA agent. If they weren’t always looking around for they cops like and owl at midnight you would swear they were one.

The One That Wants To Be Your Friend

Have you ever seen pineapple express? If so then you know exactly what I’m going for then. The type of dealer is someone that you meet strictly for the reason of buying pot but decides your too cool to let pass. They always got one rolled up when they meet with you and strongly imply they have nothing to do and would love to sick around. Everyone has a friend that is a drug dealer, doesn’t mean you need to be every drug dealers friend.

The Quiet One

There isn’t much that we can say about this guy because we don’t know anything about him. He acts like he never seen you before every time you see him. Then he Hands off the product and leaves with out a hi or a bye. It’s a good system but still creeps me out.

The One That’s Always Late

Probability the most common feature of all drug dealers is they since of time, or lack there of. But when dealing with this type there are a few things to keep in mind. Number one is if they say they will call you back don’t count on it, continue your search for bud. Number two is take what ever time they tell you and times it by 3. If they tell you 5 mins expect them in 15 and if they say half n hour throw a movie on. Dealer lie about how close they are to you because they are afraid you’ll spend your money elsewhere.

The Hot Chick

This can be a serious problem when it comes to male smokers. A lot of men will continue to call her for weed even if it isn’t any good. Why? Because men like the company of sexy females, and for some reason will think that they can build a relationship threw buying the weed. Do yourself a favor and stop trying and get yourself the better weed, her looks are part of her hustle. She knows you come back because of her pretty face and not the bud and uses it to her advantage. So when buying weed focus on buying the weed, and if you still need a girl to look at spark up and go sit outside the local gym, plenty of stalking targets will be found there.

The One That Wants To Smoke With You

This guy never goes as quickly as he comes. It seems as thou you are his only buyer, or better yet his only friend.  When you call them buy, what used to be a out patient procedure becomes full on six week rehabilitation process. They kind of linger around as thou they are waiting for something but no, they are just waiting to see if you going to spark one up.

The One That Doesn’t Know What They Are Doing

This type of drug dealer is always the best to purchase off of. He is usually new to the act of selling so does not know how to properly pack his bags and puts that little bit of extra weed in each. He does this because he wants to make his buyers happy and does not want anyone to think he makes the bags to small this early in his career. I suggest when you find a dealer like this buy off him as much as possible, because in time everyone learns how to do it properly and his stuffed bags will not be around forever. So like they say on Wall Street – BUY!  BUY! BUY!!!

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Fredeick is a chronic marijuana smoker and author on several of the most popular weed websites and the sole owner of WeAreBaked. In his spare time, Baked likes to get high (preferably bongs or joints) while watching movies and browsing the internet for the latest marijuana information.


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    • Frederick,

      Agreed, though when you establish yourself seriously as a dealer, traffic will be one of your greatest concerns. In many states, the “rule of thumb”, is that if you get 5 to 10 visitors per hour, that do not stay more than 10 minutes, all authorities need to do is pull the last person leaving the house, find anything on them and have cause to search your house. And that is a wrap. So be sure to respect that blunt he decides to roll up and pass around, He should never blaze customers sacks. Its also good and smart thing to give extra when establishing new customers, you should know as a business minded person, that your most expensive sale will be your first sale to a new client. It should be, but this should be done using planned marketing. Spend a little extra on the Re, kept in a different bundle.Good stuff man.

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