6 Ways to Save Money Smoking Marijuana

OK let’s face it we all love smoking marijuana but it can become an expensive habit and a big stress on the Life Of A Stoner. The more often you smoke weed the higher your tolerance to it becomes. And sadly your tolerance is not the only thin and the cost of marijuana can become quite a stress of the g that raises, with a raised tolerance come a raised amount of THC needed to provide you with that good feeling. At this point you have one of two options to choose. You can either start buying better quality weed or start smoking more weed. Either way that’s more money out of your pockets for that “harmless” weed habit. But luck be a stoner tonight because we have a list of ways to save yourself money when burning it down. So spark one up and read up on how to save money when smoking marijuana.

1. Buy Weight

Buying your marijuana in larger quantities is the most guaranteed way to save money on it. Larger quantifies of cannabis is called “weight” and often sells for whole sale value. So you get more weed for least money if you by it all at once. A ounce of Reggie usually runs for approximately 100 dollars and weighs 28 grams. A good dime bag of mj should weigh 1.2 grams. Divide the 28 grams by weight of the dimes and you get 23.33333, that’s the number of dime bags you have. So you get 23 dimes for only 100 dollars and you can’t beat that.

2. Generation blunts

A generation blunt is a blunt made from the lil bit of weed left in roaches. If you save enough roaches you can make a first generation blunt. Now you smoke your 1st generation blunt and put the roach to the side and repeat the process. When you got enough 1st generation roaches make a second generation blunt…and so on and so on……How high can you get?

3. Put The L Out

This one may seem simple and obvious but no one sticks with this rule. Once your high just put the L out, put the bong down, drop the pipe just do whatever you need to stop smoking. Once your high why waste the rest of weed, you can put it out and smoke the rest later. If it is to small to even effect you later save it for your generation blunt.

4. Roll Skimpier L’s

Putting a little bit less weed in each joint you smoke will reduce the price only because your smoking less. You should start removing just a small enough so you don’t notice and the difference in the high. After your Tolerance has adjusted to the lesser amount of weed, remove more. Save all the weed you set aside for another blunt by adding it to your generation blunt stash.

5. Match Up With a Friend

Find yourself a smoking buddy, it only cost half as much if your only supplying half the weed. And sometimes your buddy will even have it rolled up and it will be free for you. A real smoking buddy smokes his L or J with his buddy no matter if they have weed our not.

6. Use a One Hitter

A one hitter is a smoking device in which you pack a single hits worth of weed into the end at a time. This way you only use that necessary amount to get high, no extra.

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Fredeick is a chronic marijuana smoker and author on several of the most popular weed websites and the sole owner of WeAreBaked. In his spare time, Baked likes to get high (preferably bongs or joints) while watching movies and browsing the internet for the latest marijuana information.


  1. smart

  2. The most important one is Put the L Out. It’s so hard to stop yourself & think. Am I where I need to be? Will I get there in 5 minutes, if not? Maybe it’s time to put this down for an hour.

    Vaporizers could definitely be added to the list, by the way 😉

  3. Putting your L OUT is the hardest thing in the world lol

  4. You forgot the most obvious: Grow your own.

  5. your right popcorn, might need to update to 7

  6. What i do is i count how many joints /blunts i smoke in a week then i see how much to buy i usually buy an oz per week so thats abt 20 joints a week a qp lasts me 2 weeks i think doing this is much more convinient

  7. What do u mean? I need everything lll

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