10 Great Christmas Gifts For Stoners | Picked By Stoners

Are you having trouble picking out the perfect Christmas gift for your stoner? Well then this list is perfect for you. You may think differently but shopping for a stoner isn’t very hard at all. Almost all stoners have a similar sense in taste so once you learn how to shop for one you know how to shop for them all. Now lets get right into the list so you can begin your holiday shopping today.

Marijuana GrinderGrinders

Their are a lot of stoners out there that still do not have a marijuana grinder because they are not necessary. A grinder take all the hassle out of breaking down your weed and makes it easy. But since you can do this without a grind most stoner spend that extra money on more weed. Buy them a grinder and they will use it every time they smoke, guaranteed.

cheap disposable lighter


You can never have enough lighters, especially with them getting lost or stolen all the time.  If your having trouble deciding on what to get this holiday season make it easy and spend your all your money on lighters.  Dollar stores usually have 5 packs for a dollar, so a twenty dollar gift will give your stoner 100 lighters. Now they won’t have to worry about lighter issues for about a week.

high times cheech chongHigh Times Magazine Subscription

Keep your stoner up-to-date on the newest marijuana news with a subscription to High Times magazine. High Times is filled with marijuana pictures, stories, and how to guides. This is a gift that will keep on giving until next Christmas.

Rolling Papers

Even stoners with bongs like to roll up a doobie every now and again. Save them a trip to the store and buy them a box of their favorite rolling papers. Now everytime your stoner needs a new pack he can simply go to his stash rather then having to run out to get some.

Stoner Movie

Stoners have some of the best sense’s of humor around and movies based on them keep it.  Stoner comedies will have anyone laughing but only a true stoner can appreciate  them to the fullest. Pick the right movie and you will have your stoners newest ‘smoking flick’ that they will throw on every time they go to get high.

Video Game

Video games are more then just games when your stoned, they are Video Gods. They steal your attention and distract you from the real world. Get your stoner a video game and he’ll have a blast playing it next time he gets high.For ideas about which game to buy check out our  list of the Top 10 Games To Play While Stoned.


Legal bud is something that every stoner wants to try but is afraid to spend their money on. So why not take the risk factor out of the experience and spend your money on it for them. On Christmas your stoner will be excited to grab his bowl and smoke up. Make sure you look at our legal bud reviews to find out which bud stoners like best.

Stoner ClothesStoner Apparel

There is no better way to show stoner pride then to have it broadcasted across the front of your shirt for everyone to see. Buy your friend a marijuana T shirt and they will always have something to wear out on their smoking adventures.

R-40 frosted whiteBong

What stoner could not use another bong for their collection? None. Bongs come in all different shapes, sizes, and price ranges and no matter which you get, it will be greatly appreciated. And if your friend doesn’t already have a bong buy him his first and he will be forever indebted to you.

PC Grow BoxPC Grow Box

Once someone said “Give a man some fish and he eats for the day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life” and the PC Grow Box is like fishing with a net. This machine is the easiest way for anyone to learn to grow weed, and grow it discretely. This system comes with everything you need for your first grow and even guarantee’s it will pay for itself in just one grow. A bit pricey but if you truly love your stoner you will spend the money on them, check out more information on the PC Grow Box here.

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