$1 Million Worth Of Marijuana Found on Air Force Base


On 03/07/2013, a few days ago, a 20-foot aluminum boat was discovered floating upside down, just north of wall beach,  outside of Vandenberg Air Force base Santa Barbara, California. The bases Col. Nina Armango stated in a press conference that because of the type of research done within the base(missile and space research) they immediacy locked down the entire based which is composed of more than 2,000 buildings, and began searching the perimeter and securing the launch pads. During the search they found a large quantity of marijuana which is now said to be worth as  much as $1 million dollars by the Department of Homeland Security.

“These large bags of kind of like dark colored trash bags stacked and actually they have been covered and it looks like an attempt to camouflage them with surrounding brush,” explained Armagno.

Armagno stated that the marijuana was originally found stacked up six feet high underneath of some sort of makeshift camouflage constructed of nearby brush and grasses. There have been various reports of similar boats being found to the north and south of the base in the past but never has one turned up on shore. Armango believes that the weed had been camouflaged because they had intended to return for their haul and are still searching for suspects and increasing the security of the base.

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